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Building Energy Management and Conservations- HVAC -Part III

Energy Efficiency in HVAC: After reducing cooling/heating loads through passive design strategies, enhancing the efficiency of HVAC systems should be the top priority for any building energy efficiency


  1. Energy Saving Potential in HVAC System Design: Chiller, Air Distribution System, Water Pump, Cooling Tower
  2. High efficiency chillers: Chiller is the highest energy consumer in the HVAC system. Chiller efficiency is rated in kW/ ton or coefficient of performance (COP)
  3. Radiant cooling system: : Schematic Diagram of a Radiant Cooling
  4. Energy-efficient pumps and fans (HVAC system)

Solar Cooling: Schematic Diagram of a Solar Air Conditioning System

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    Building Energy Management and Conservations- HVAC -Part III
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