Fundamentals of Energy Management and Energy Audit

This module is part of Certified Energy Manager (CEM) training. The CEM is an individual who optimizes the energy performance of a facility, building or individual plant. 

The module is about fundamental goals of energy management, it’s objectives and role of energy manager in energy management, building energy management, how to conduct a preliminary energy audit, how to conduct a detail energy audit, how to work on energy audit instruments. 

Course Schedule: 

Number of Sessions: 3 Sessions (2 hour each) 

Duration: 6 hours 

Price: 1200 USD 


Lesson1: What is Energy Management? Goals and Objectives of Energy Management

Role and Responsibilities of Energy Manager 1/6

Lesson 2: What is Energy Audit? Types of Energy Audit- Preliminary Energy Audit and Detail Energy Audit 2/6

Lesson 3: How to conduct a Detail Energy Audit? 3/4

Lesson 4: How to work on Energy Audit Report? 4/4

Lesson 5: Energy Audit Instruments 5/5

Lesson 6: References and Case Study and Assignments 6/6

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    Fundamentals of Energy Management and Energy Audit
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