GAM-203-C: GAMES DEVELOPMENT (age 11-14)

General Information

  1. Each class is 60 minutes.
  2. Class days: On Saturday’s.
  3. Course schedule and timing will be decided once the class is complete.
  4. Minimum 5 participants to run one class.
  5. Maximum 10 participants in each class.


  1. Fair knowledge of English Speaking Course Description.
  2. GAM-201-A: Game development (11-14)
  3. GAM-202-B: Game development (11-14)

Course Description In the world of animations and games, there are many concepts and coding experience that candidates need to acquire. In this course, we will start with simple, primitive shapes and building up to more sophisticated sprite. Students become familiar with the programming concepts and the design process, then learn how these simpler constructs can be combined to create more complex programs. Students will develop their own projects where they can practice design, testing, and debugging the code. Course Aim In this course, students learn about images and animations. This include dealing with variables, sprite, sprite movement, conditions, and keyboard input. Moreover, they will learn about functions, collision detection, velocity, and complex sprite movement. During the lessons, they will learn how to design and make their own game. Course Objective The student will:

  • Learn about graphic animation concepts such as primitive, sprites, collision detection, etc…
  • Learn about programming concepts such as variables, conditions, and functions.
  • Learn how to define the main parts of his planned game.

Building Games

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Duration: 8 hrs
Lectures: 9
Level: Advanced

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    GAM-203-C: GAMES DEVELOPMENT (age 11-14)
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