Introduction to Cybersecurity

This course will cover various security concepts, attacks, and countermeasures with a series of hands-on experiments. The topics included in the course include Linux basics, cryptography, operating system security, web basics, web security, and network security. The course prepares students to be an entry-level cybersecurity specialist.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Understand Linux basics, including file system organization, access control mechanism, process management, and text file editors.
  2. Use basic commands to operate Linux.
  3. Understand and use basic cryptographies, including symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, and cryptographic hash.
  4. Understand the attack principle and the countermeasures of privilege escalation.
  5. Understand HTTP basics and implement HTTP request interception attack.
  6. Understand and implement several common web attacks, including XSS and SQL injection.
  7. Understand and implement basic network reconnaissance, analysis and attack techniques with countermeasures.

Course contents:

Lab 1: Linux basics.

Lab 2: Hash and Symmetric Encryption.

Lab 3: Privilege escalation and Reverse Shell

Lab 4: HTTP basics and HTTP Request Interception attack

Lab 5: Web security – Cross-site Scripting Attack

Lab 6: Web security – SQL Injection Attack

Lab 7: Password Cracking (CTF)

Lab 8: Network Security – Nmap Network Scanning

Lab 9: Network Security – ARP Spoofing (Man-in-the-Middle Attack)

Lab 10: Public Key Cryptography (Asymmetric Encryption and Digital Signature)

Lab 11: Digital Certificate and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)


How does this course work?

This is a self-contained, self-paced, and complete hands-on course. It includes eleven labs covering different topics in cybersecurity, including Linux basics, cryptography, operating system security, web basics, web security and network security.

To complete this course, you simply need to work on the labs one by one by following the lab instructions. The lab instruction contains necessary explanations on each step. You will learn the skills and knowledge by completing each steps. 

The labs contained in this course are hosted by the Practice Cloud (

To reserve and enter the lab, follow the steps in How to use Practice Cloud (For Students). Or watch the video for quick view.

When enroll successfully, you can simply work on the labs one by one. For any question, please contact


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