Physics for Engineering II – (calculus based)

This course will be condensed. I will concentrate on the basics. It will especially be very helpful to students who are struggling in the course. Exercises will be assigned for self-study and a follow-up for questions and answers.[for more info, send email to the instructor:] The course is typically taken by second-year students who major in Science and Engineering. Students in this course will gain familiarity with electricity and magnetism-describe the relationships between sources, fields, potentials, forces on charged particles, basic circuits, the force exerted by a magnetic field, Motion of point charge in a magnetic field, Torques on current loops,…….

The course will be given in two parts, (1) prerecorded videos [free of charge] (2) Zoom online session of 10 hours over five weeks; each session is 2 hours. You will be sent a Youtube link for the prerecorded list of videos to watch in your spare time so you can prepare for the Zoom lecture. In the 2-hr zoom lecture, I will quickly remind you of the videos that cover the material (playlist for chapters 23 & 24 are is published as public so you can watch it and be ready for the first “free” zoom lecture). The of the playlists will be published as “unlisted” and you will get the link if you purchase the course [I encourage that you take advantage of the free Youtube playlist (chapter 23 ) and the free Zoom lecture to decide whether you want to purchase the course. If you purchase the course you will be allowed access to the rest of the Youtube videos (4 more lists that cover chapters 24 to 30) and corresponding 4 more Zoom lectures two hours each.

Textbook used; Physics for Scientists and Engineers, with modern physics, Ninth edition” SERWAY-JEWETT, but will be watered down. The course will be simplified as much as possible and the instructor will help struggling students to ‘master’ the material and follow up well with the course at their own university. The course may be taken for preparation for a similar course at the university level or for own knowledge that may further help engineers at their workplace. 

The Youtube free playlist link for this course is not yet available (coming soon) but you still check the Youtube list for Physics for Engineering I to have an idea:

This playlist covers chapters 1 & 2 in the textbook. In the Zoom session, We will do problems and further dig into the material.

The class is designed as a university complete course; check with your course at your university to see if the instructor of your course is offering more or fewer chapters. 


  • 5 Youtube playlists; each with a number of videos that cover chapters 1 to 10 in the textbook.
  • 5 Zoom sessions that concentrate on strategies of doing problems

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