Reaction Stoichiometry

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    Stoichiometry is the area of study that examines the quantities of substances consumed and produced in chemical reactions. It provides an essential set of tools widely used in chemistry.  In this course, students will learn how to use reaction stoichiometry to obtain quantitative information about the amounts of substances involved in chemical reactions.

    Prerequisite: Key math skills for Chemistry and Dimensional Analysis courses


    Lesson # 1: introduction, overview of the course, and evaluation of students’ chemistry background.
    Lesson #2: The mole, Avogadro’s number, Molar mass calculations, and conversions problems.
    Lesson # 3: mole to mass and mass to mole conversions. Mass, moles, and particles calculations.
    Lesson# 4: equations for chemicals reactions. Writing equations for chemical reactions.
    Lesson # 5: balancing chemical equations.
    Lesson # 6: Mole to Mole relationships in chemical equations.
    Lesson # 7: Mass to Mass conversions.
    Lesson #8: review and problem solving.

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    Reaction Stoichiometry
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