Cristin Miller


Education History:

B.A. Psychology
M.S. Psychology – Specialization in Child and Adolescent Development



I’ve been working as an online ESL teacher since February of 2019. I have worked with ESL companies such as VIPKID, GOGOKID, Magic Ears, and Rocket Cat Learning. For those companies I do the following:

•Deliver 25-minute online one-on-one or one-on-four classes on reading, writing, math, science, speaking, and listening components of the English language using best teaching practices.
•Create a stimulating online learning environment by responding to individual or multiple student strengths, weaknesses, and personal learning styles.
•Administer lesson plans that include a well-balanced combination of lectures and demonstrations to allow opportunities for students to observe, question, investigate, and reach unique learning needs.
•Establish clear objectives for lessons and communicate objectives to all students.
•Research for teaching materials and develop resources to use during class instruction.
•Assess student performance and deliver feedback to parents regarding students' progress.

Teaching Specialty: English Language, ESL

Courses of Interest:
ESL Beginner ESL Intermediate

Language of Delivery: English

Method of Delivery: Zoom Meeting

Duration: 6 Hours, 8 Hours, 10 Hours

More about me:
My name is Cristin Miller and I am from Illinois in the United States! I have over ten years’ experience teaching. I graduated top of my class with a bachelor's degree in psychology. I have my master's degree in psychology with a specialization in child and adolescent development. I am also currently pursuing my doctorate in education. I am TESOL and TEFL certified and love to make learning enjoyable in the online classroom.

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