Amir Ramadan


Education History:

2010 - Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Engineering
2016 - MBA



10+ years of experience in the fields of Architecture and Project Management.
Worked as Design Architect, City Architect, Senior Architect, Project Manager, and College Instructor in three countries: Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, and the USA.

Teaching Specialty: Engineering, Project Management

Courses of Interest:
CAD I (Computer Aided Design I) CAD II (Computer Aided Design II) Architectural Design for Teens & Kids Design Management - Principles and Practices

Language of Delivery: English, Bi-lingual

Method of Delivery: Zoom Meeting, Mixed (Zoom & Pre- Recorded Videos)

Duration: 10 Hours

More about me:
Amir Ramadan possesses an MBA and bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering. Amir has 10 years of professional experience working in different cultures, firms, and positions. He is currently working as an Architectural Designer and Instructor at Charter College in California, USA.
Amir’s teaching approach is based on an experiment-oriented methodology, which helps the students learn by working on actual projects to experiment, discover, and face real challenges and get the academic and practical answers from the instructor.

Other forms of contacts:

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