Hamdi Zindelhadid

Email: hamdi.zind@gmail.com

Education History:

a. Bachelor of English Literature – Damascus University
b. Post-graduate Diploma of English-Arabic Translation - Damascus University

a. APTIS General
b. IELTS General
c. MCP


a. 2012-Present: English Instructor
i. Arab Open University
ii. Expression Institute for Private Training
iii. Ambition Academy
b. 2006-2008: English & Computer Instructor – HumanSoft Learning

Teaching Specialty: English Language

Courses of Interest:
a. English b. Smart Education Technology c. Information Technology d. Business Development

Language of Delivery: English, Bi-lingual

Method of Delivery: Zoom Meeting

Duration: 6 Hours

More about me:
I have had various roles throughout my life; each presented a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn. Today, I humbly consider myself a well-versed professional with over 15 years of experience at local and international organizations.

Over the years, I have seen students struggling with English. For many, English represents a colossal obstacle which stands in the way of their ambitions. And despite their best efforts, they cannot hope to achieve much if they are taking the wrong approach.

By utilizing my extensive teaching experience, I believe that I can help students identify their areas of weakness and guide them to properly address them. The diversity of my students has given me great insight into the areas where common mistakes are made.

On a personal level; respect, trust and integrity are values that I hold in high regard. And I am a strong believer in the culture of coaching at work as I have myself learned so much from my peers to whom I am eternally grateful.

Other forms of contacts:

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