Danielle Dymond

Email: dani_dymond@yahoo.com

Education History:

Bachelor of Arts in English, Southern Connecticut State University
Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, California State University, Long Beach

Online College Instruction certified


University Teaching

Teaching Specialty: English Language

Courses of Interest:
1. Argumentative Writing 2. Literary Analysis 3. Intro to Poetry

Language of Delivery: English

Method of Delivery: Zoom Meeting

Duration: 10 Hours

More about me:
Ever since a student in my very first semester of teaching nicknamed me “Professor D,” I have fallen in love with the profession of teaching more and more each day. My passion for teaching courses on literature, composition, and critical thinking is matched only by my passion for writing, since I am both an educator and a poet. I have been an English professor at Cypress College for two years, Prior to that, I have nine years of experience as an English tutor for both native speakers and non-native speakers/ESL students, and seven years as a practicing poet plus over a decade of creative writing experience. I work diligently to create a classroom environment that is inclusive, surprising, useful, interesting, and fun. All of my classes are designed in such a way that students can feel encouraged while also being challenged intellectually to be stronger writers and thinkers by the end of our semester together. My hope is that students who complete my classes take their newfound knowledge and apply it to both their professional and personal lives, because English education has so much to offer. As a professor, I promise to fully dedicate myself to the betterment of every student who joins my roster. Some “fun facts” about me include: I’m an animal lover, an avid knitter/painter, a big fan of Netflix, a plant collector, and an advocate for equality of all kinds! Let’s learn something together.

Other forms of contacts:

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