Jason Maxwell

Email: Maxwell.jason.a@gmail.com

Education History:

Bachelor of Arts, Speech Communication, Southern Oregon University
Master of Arts in Teaching, Early Childhood PK-8

Oregon Teaching License K-12
Alaska Teaching License PK-8


1 year as an Athletic Director in the U.S.
3 years as a School Principal in the U.S. and Japan
8 years as a U.S. public school teacher
9 years as an ESL educator in Japan

Teaching Specialty: English Language, Teach The Teacher

Courses of Interest:
Writing Reading Classroom Management Teaching Strategies Schoolwide student behavior management

Language of Delivery: English

Method of Delivery: Zoom Meeting

Duration: 8 Hours

More about me:
When listening to a person explain their past experiences, I believe we gain some insight as to why they do what they do. During the 2019-2020 school year, in addition to being a teacher and principal intern, I was the athletic director for Napaaqtukmiut K12 School. It is located 118 miles above the Arctic Circle, in the Inupiaq village of Noatak, Alaska. The school of 105 students is small, but hosts large basketball, volleyball, and wrestling tournaments that bring people from other villages in on small planes and snowmobiles to watch. As the athletic director, the student athletes’ needs were proactively taken care of and unexpected needs were quickly met. Some of the roles included coordinating students’ flights and travel logistics, preparing visiting teams’ overnight accommodations, coordinating with school cooks, making sure food and fundraising concession operations were running smoothly, and ensuring that all students were wearing warm winter clothing and teams have their survival bags when traveling to and from other villages. It was a blast! A blast of severe cold, but a blast!

As your teacher I enjoy teaching you. I have warm, caring, and inviting learning environments, where rigorous and engaged learning and instruction occur. The teaching strategies I use are proven effective through research and data. My goal as your teacher, is to help you achieve learning growth and success. Study well!

Other forms of contacts:

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