Mouminat Damer


Education History:

BA in English Literature, MFA in Creative Writing

Online College Instruction, Level 3 Tutor Certification


4 years English tutoring and 3 years of teaching English

Teaching Specialty: English Language

Courses of Interest:
Creative writing (Poetry), English composition, English analysis

Language of Delivery: English

Method of Delivery: Zoom Meeting

Duration: 10 Hours

More about me:
The principle of my teaching philosophy is based on three pedagogies: Collaborative, Process, and Expressive. Within these three disciplines, I believe a student’s writing will greatly improve. I guide students in forming the foundations necessary to produce well-written essays and creative pieces by helping them find their voice, heighten their diction, and strengthen their analytical skills—making clear the necessary perspective that writers require to excel.
As an instructor, I aim to use the writing process to motivate students through self-exploration to discovery. This goal can only be achieved by a genuine commitment to teaching as well as an interest level cultivated by the instructor and upheld by the student. Leading by example, I work through the writing process with students, helping them find the expressive voice they need to master English composition and analysis, while being open to new experiences and criticisms.
Starting out, I tutored English and ESL students—helping them write the best essay they could. During this time, I have gained extensive experience working as a tutor for over two years. This has advanced my ability to work with different types of learners because I have come across students from different backgrounds such as ESL students who come from different cultures, adult learners—including parents who have returned after being away from school for some time, and disabled students who require different teaching strategies. I have taught English at the College/University level for over 2 years, and this working environment has helped me grow more aware of student needs. My communication skills and ability to engage others while helping them learn are my best qualities. When it comes to writing, it is common for students to shy away from expressing their thoughts in fear that what they may have to offer is irrelevant or inadequate
My goals as a college instructor are to embody these characteristics and to help students develop confidence in expressing their voice. I know that who I am as an instructor and writer will be proven in the classroom. I work towards inspiring and teaching students by providing them with a space that encourages them to overcome their writing fears and anxieties, as well as helping them liberate their ideas with various activities, genuine interest, and encouragement.

Other forms of contacts:

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