Phil Maurer


Education History:

BA in Computers and Business from California State University, Fullerton



25 plus years in the tech space, from Desktop Support to Global Online Game Management

Teaching Specialty: Cyber Security

Courses of Interest:
Intro to Cyber Security, Game and website Monetization, Building Effective Support Departments

Language of Delivery: English

Method of Delivery: Zoom Meeting, Mixed (Zoom & Pre- Recorded Videos)

Duration: 6 Hours

More about me:
Hello! I’m Phil Maurer, a refugee from start-ups in the game industry based in Newport Beach, California. After spending almost 30 years in tech —the last 15 of which were in the game industry— I have refocused myself to sharing my knowledge of IT, Cyber security and Game/Website Operations. I have a long track record of success interfacing and translating between technology and not technology minded people. (I'm a nerd that can talk to people and explain hard tech concepts in easy to understand terms.)

Other forms of contacts:
Linkedin -
Twitter - @phil_m4urer

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