Iman Hashem


Education History:

Master Degree in TESOL, California State University, 2003
Bachelor Degree in Arts, Accounting, Department,, 1982

Served as a member of ACTFL International Credentialing/Accreditation Action Committee
STARTALK team-leader and site visitor for teachers and students 2008-2019
Serving on and co-leading the committee revising the ACTFL K-16 Arabic Language Standards
Advisor for two Qatar Foundation International curriculum grants for Alif &Minaret Academy
Served as a consultant and trainer to Arabic Immersion Magnet School (AIMS), Houston, TX.
Served as a consultant and teacher trainer for Qatar Foundation International Brazilian Arabic
Language Programs.
Served as a curriculum consultant to the PS/IS 30 dual immersion program in New York.
Served on multiple STARTALK task forces.
Served on the committee for writing the California World Language Standards on 2009 and the
advisory committee for revising them 2018-2019.
Planned & delivered for 3 years the NCLRC STARTALK programs for Arabic Language teachers
Served on the planning committee of the LAUSD World Languages and Cultures Convocation
Help the Arabic language teachers at Bell, Royball and High-Tech High schools at LA Unified
School District in designing and implementing the first and second year Arabic language classes.
Currently Arabic Language Consultant for Minaret Academy, Anaheim, CA.
Served on the STARTALK Advisory Board at the National Foreign Language Center, Univ. MD
Served on the committee for developing the Arabic CSET (California Subject Examinations for
Teachers) subject matter examination Commission on Teacher Credentialing
Served on the executive board of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic (AATA)
Created five course syllabi for an Arabic proficiency-based courses for heritage language students
at California State University, Long Beach
Served on the editorial board for the USED LangNet Arabic Culture Database Project at the
National Foreign Language Center, University of Maryland
Created three course syllabi for an Arabic proficiency-based courses, Calif. State Univ., Fullerton
Created five course syllabi for Arabic proficiency-based courses, Calif. State Univ, Long Beach
Served on the Advisory Committee and Curriculum Writing Team for Arabic Language Village,
Concordia Language Villages Bemidji, MN
Served on the Task Force for Writing K-16 Arabic Language Standards, a joint effort of the
American Council of Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL), the Center for Applied Linguistics
(CAL), and The National Capital Language Resource Center (NCLRC)
Provided consultation and training at the Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC), San
Diego State University, CA. 2003 to 2008


California State University, Instructor Long Beach, CA
Teaching Arabic 101, 201 Fundamentals of Arabic-A & B, 2005-Present
Taught Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages, Spring 2004-2011
Taught Arabic 250, Arabic for Arabic Speakers, 2005-2006
Supervised Student Teacher, EDSS 472A, B, C Sec 38 3123 Student Teaching, Fall 2017
2000-Present Occidental College Los Angeles, CA
Program Director, California World Language Project
Director of the Southern CA Arabic Teacher Council (SCATC)
Co-director and co-authored the content of STARTALK multimedia & infrastructure projects
Designed online STARTALK teacher training courses 2015-2019
Directed, planed, conducted training sessions and managing Qatar Foundation International
Arabic Language Teacher Council Grant
Director and lead developer of Qatar Foundation International Curriculum Grant
Co-director and lead instructor of STARTALK Leadership in Arabic Language Community
and Technology 2006-2019
Conducted workshops focusing on Common Core and Standards-Based Practices for Teachers
of Dual Language Immersion 2016-Present
Conducted workshops to build Chinese Teachers Leadership- Training the Trainers 2011-2017
Conducted workshops to build Korean Teacher Leadership - Training the Trainers 2018-2020
Conduct workshops for teachers on effective language teaching methods
Reviewer for secondary program for Arabic as a second language
Author of model thematic units for K-2 and High School
Consultant for high schools on curriculum development and course design
Designed and implemented six courses as part of Teaching Certificate for Teachers of Arabic
Arabic language consultant for dual-immersion and K-12 foreign language Arabic program at
FAME Public Charter Schools (in Fremont and San Leandro), FLAP Grant
Arabic consultant/coach for the Arabic Immersion Magnet School, and P.S./I.S. 30 Mary
White Ovington and the Arabic Immersion Magnet School (AIMS) in Houston, Texas.
Co-designed Arabic language courses for heritage and non-heritage at Bell High School and
Granada Hills Charter School and supervised the Arabic language teachers.
Arabic language consultant for Arabic teachers establishing programs at Western High School
in Anaheim, San Francisco, Eagle Rock, and San Leandro High School
Directed region 11A partnerships program
Co-directed and implemented leadership programs

Teaching Specialty: Arabic as Foreign Language

Courses of Interest:
Authored materials for Arabic Heritage Speakers for the Heritage Language Resource Center at UCLA, 2010 n Co-directed and produced online multimedia for world language teachers title: Integrating Language, Culture and Content 2009 n Co-directed and produced online resources for world language teachers: …. n Co-authored a 24-unit Arabic textbook, primary school level, New Horizon Educational Press, Pasadena, California, 1995 n Coauthored religious studies curriculum guidebook, unpublished, New Horizon School n Seventh and eighth Arabic textbook, unpublished, New Horizon School n Kindergarten Arabic textbook, unpublished (used by several community-based schools) n Material for high school Arabic for Arabic Speakers, unpublished, California World Language Project, 2005 American Council of Teaching Foreign Language n Co-authored the National Arabic Language Standards n Research paper, Standards Based Programs for Heritage Language Learners (focus on Arabic), to be used by the California Standards Advisory Panel

Language of Delivery: English, Bi-lingual

Method of Delivery: Zoom Meeting

Duration: 10 Hours

More about me:
The recipient of the California’s World Language Teacher of the Year, CLTA TOY, 2019
The recipient of the Hal Wingard Lifetime Achievement Award, CLTA & CFLP 2018
The recipient of the (ACTFL) Recognition Award for her contribution to the Arabic teaching
field, 2016
The recipient of the John and Phyllis Jung Endowed Part-Time Faculty Award 2014
The recipient of the California Language Teacher Association (CLTA) Outstanding Teacher
Award, 2012
The recipient of the California Language Teacher Association (CLTA) President’s Award for
Educational Leadership, 2003
The recipient of Special Achievement Award from the New Horizon System, CA, 1996.

Other forms of contacts:
Iman Arabi-Katbi Hashem is the 2019 California World Language Teacher of the Year and the California representative to the Southwest Conference on Language Teaching (SWCOLT). She is a classroom teacher at Long Beach and a program director of California World Language Project, Los Angeles Site at Occidental College. As a program director, she is responsible for fostering professional growth opportunities for the region’s World Language teachers throughout their careers. As a classroom teachers she is revered by her students who have provided many testimonials—that through the learning of Arabic language and culture in Mrs. Hashem’s classroom that they have acquired the historical and cultural perspectives of the people who speak the language across the Arabic speaking world.

Iman has shared her exceptional expertise by serving as a consultant for Arabic teaching programs at public and independent institutions, developing standards-based curricula and instructional resources, teaching methods courses, supervising teacher candidates, conducting training notionally and internationally, and serving as a STARTALK team Leader. As an Arabic language and culture instructor at California State University, Long Beach, Iman has designed courses for teaching Arabic as a world and heritage language. She is the author of published and unpublished textbooks and multimedia course materials. Her work has significantly contributed to the development of teacher leaders in the Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and dual immersion language teaching communities. Iman designed programs and conducted educational activities within a rich language and cultural environment, engaging her own students as well as students from other institutions to gain new content knowledge. Furthermore, she developed positive relationships with other Arabic language learners with the goal of motivating them to use their language and cultural competence in real world contexts.

Additionally, Iman Arabi-Katbi Hashem was the recipient of the Special Achievement Award from the New Horizon System in 1996, CLTA's President's Award for Leadership in Language Education in 2003, (CLTA) and (CWLP) Outstanding Teacher Award 2012, the John and Phyllis Jung Endowed Part-Time Faculty Award 2014, the (ACTFL) Arabic Special Interest Group Award for her contribution to the Arabic teaching field, Hal Wingard Lifetime Achievement Award 2018, and CLTA California Teacher of the Year.

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