Sarah Davis


Education History:

M.F.A English- Poetry
California State University, Long Beach [05/2017]
Cumulative GPA of 3.8
B.A English-Creative Writing
B.A English- Literature
California State University, Long Beach [05/2015]
Cumulative GPA of 3.6
A.A Liberal Arts.
Antelope Valley Community College [05/2013]



Irvine Valley College—Supplemental Instructor, (09/2019-Present)
ESL Department and English Department
• WRI: College Writing
o Writing I is an introductory course in college composition, concentrating on analysis and interpretation.
• WRII: College Writing II
o As the second college-level course in academic essay writing, Writing II concentrates on critical reasoning, argumentation, evaluation, analysis, and research at an advanced level.
• ESL 390: academic Writing III
o This is the third and final ESL writing class and is designed to prepare students for college writing.
• ESL 370: Academic Writing I
o This is the first course of the advanced writing sequence designed for non-native English writers who need to gain greater understanding of Academic English.
• AESL 563: Idioms
o This is a free adult ESL class designed to help non-native speakers identify and understand idioms in both writing and film.

Assistant Language Teacher—Yokkaichi English Fellows, Japan (08/2017-07/2019)
Yokkaichi Junior High Schools
o These courses were a part of an intensive ESL program that helped Japanese students grasp English and apply it in their daily lives.

California State University, Long Beach—Part-Time Lecturer, English Department
• ENGL 406: Introduction to Poetry
o This is the initiation to writing and workshopping poetry produced by students.

CSU Long Beach Writing and Communication Resource Center—English Language/Writing Tutor
(08/2016- 07/2017)

CSU Long Beach Learning Assistance Center—English Language/ Writing Tutor
(07/ 2015-01/ 2017)

Teaching Specialty: English Language, Grammar, Essay Composition, Poetry, Literature Analysis, Others..,

Courses of Interest:
English 1 & 2 Literary Appreciation

Language of Delivery: English

Method of Delivery: Zoom Meeting

Duration: 10 Hours

More about me:
After graduating with her Master’s from California State University, Long Beach, Sarah travelled to Japan to teach abroad and hone her skills in teaching English as a second language. Her extensive experience preparing her students to listen, speak, write, and read directly led to a position at Irvine Valley College where she helps students prepare for various English challenges. Teaching literature is her passion and encouraging nurturing conversations that challenge the ideals of students are why she works so hard to prepare lessons every week.

Other forms of contacts:

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