Vanessa Call


Education History:

Master of Arts in English, California State University, Long Beach, 2017
• Option in 20th Century American Literature
Bachelor of Arts in English, California State University, Long Beach, 2014
• Option in English Literature
Associate of Arts in English, Northwestern Michigan College, 2012

Online Teaching Certified


4 years teaching basic writing/reading skills, composition, critical thinking/reasoning, literature

Teaching Specialty: English Language, Writing, Reading, Critical Thinking, Literature (American primarily)

Courses of Interest:
English 1, English 2, Literary Appreciation, Professional Writing

Language of Delivery: English

Method of Delivery: Zoom Meeting

Duration: 6 Hours

More about me:
Both my education and my work-related experiences have prepared me to be the instructor that I am today. Prior to completing my graduate work, I worked for a Fortune 500 company as a technical writer, where I organized and completed process documents for software developers. This prepared me to collaborate with people outside liberal arts fields. It also gives me the upper hand in understanding the urgency behind students needing to achieve basic writing skills regardless of their field of choice. During graduate school, I also tutored ESL students in college learning centers and collaborated with full time faculty through internship programs and was exposed to various teaching styles and techniques. Furthermore, I have worked for various colleges, with widely different demographics and varying requirements for their courses, which has only pushed me to grow as an instructor to meet the needs of all my students. Additionally, as a lifelong learner myself, I am constantly attending professional development opportunities and have even become Online Teaching Certified.

On another note, I understand the impact an equity-minded curriculum can have for students, and I strive to create an inclusive environment that allows students to succeed. In creating curriculum for my composition courses, I focus on implementing a student-centered approach that allows me to support students with various levels of academic preparation while remaining rigorous. I strive to create opportunities for students to recognize and incorporate themselves in their work, keeping students engaged and making the writing process feel more approachable, and maybe even fun!

By creating an inclusive and welcoming environment, I try give students the space to collaborate, helping them be exposed to varying viewpoints and ideas. I also prioritize creating opportunities for students to bring their whole self to class, helping them feel seen, respected, and like they are an asset to our course. When students feel connected, they often can succeed, and I truly believe that everyone can has the capability to grow and learn given the right circumstances and environment.

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