Yeasmin Akter Mili


Education History:

Diploma in Fashion design and pattern making (Bng)
BSC in Textile engineering (Apparel).(Eng version)

HSC=Golden A+(2014)
BSC in Zoology point 3.85 out of 4 from CU.
Textile Engineer


*2012 to 2017=Class 1 to class 7 (age 5 to 14) Pre primary to middle High school.
*Science Teacher : 2017 to present =class 1 to class 12, age(6 to 18+-).Elementary to Intermediate.
*Assistant Teacher at ICST(Present)
(For Diploma students) =>Textile Department(Apparel,GT,fashion,design pattern ,Textile lab(swing, CAD&CAM,
chemical process ),mathematics part 1&2(dept—CE,GT,TxT)
*Internee Teacher(present as part timer only two subjects in English version )at Feni University.
Mathematics for BSC in Civil Engineering for 7semester ,Architecture.
*Production & Quality manager(2015 to 2017)

Teaching Specialty: Textile Engineering

Courses of Interest:
Theory For diploma student of Textile engineering. Example Sub:Apparel testing, Textile testing. Fabric Structure,Manufacturing(woven & knit), CAD & CAM. Lab(Dying & wet processing),Basic Electronics,workshop. Quality control, Finishing, Chemical Process,Machineries, Maintenance & Design New machine. Etceteras. (Zoology =>High school to Intermediate)

Language of Delivery: Bi-lingual

Method of Delivery: Zoom Meeting

Duration: 10 Hours

More about me:
I am very friendly. If anyone can't understand any topic. I can repeat it 100 times. For me I like attentive students, for me doesn't matter if you are brilliant or not, or where you are studying.

Other forms of contacts:

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