General Information

  1. Class days: On Saturday or Sunday
  2. Course schedule and timing will be decided once the class is complete.
  3. Minimum 5 participants to run one class.
  4. Maximum 10 participants in each class.


  1. Fair knowledge of English Speaking.

Course Description

This is level2 of the course “Mobile Application Development”. One of the most powerful things computers can do is quickly and precisely perform many computations on large amounts of data. To use this power, students must learn:

  1. How to control iteration (loops).
  2. How to store and process lists of data rather than single variables.
  3. How to use functions.

Throughout this course, students begin to explore the many applications of these techniques. For example, they will explore the topic of simulations by virtually flipping a coin thousands of times and tracking the results.

Course Aim

Students learn to write programs to store and process large amounts of information using data structures and when to use them. They will know how real world phenomena are simulated on a computer. They will be shown how to algorithms are evaluated for speed.

Course Objective

Students will write programs with larger and more complex data structures. they will return to the study of loops, this time using them to simulate real world events. Next they learn to program with lists of information in order to develop apps that store and process large amounts of data. They will also learn to compare the efficiency of different list-processing algorithms..





Event-Driven Programming

Building an App: Color Sleuth
Students follow an imaginary conversation between two characters, Alexis and Michael, as they solve problems and make design decisions in the multiple steps required to construct the "Color Sleuth" App. Students must implement elements of the code along the way.

Programming with Data Structures

While Loops
Students are introduced to the “while loop” construct by first analyzing a flow chart and then by completing a series of programming exercises. The “while loop” repeats a block of code based on a Boolean condition.
Loops and Simulations
Students make a simple computer simulation to model a coin flipping experiment that is possible, but unreasonable, to do by hand. Students write code that uses while loops to repeatedly "flip coins" (random number 0 or 1) until certain conditions are met.
Introduction to Arrays
Students learn about arrays in JavaScript as a means of storing lists of information within a program. Students build a simple app, My Favorite Things, which stores and cycles through a list of words describing their favorite things.
Building an App: Image Scroller
Students extend the My Favorite Things app to manage and display a collection of images instead of words. Students also learn to make the program respond to keys (left and right arrow) by using the "event" parameter that is created when an event is triggered.
Processing Arrays
In this long lesson, students learn to use for loops to process lists (arrays) of data in a variety of ways to accomplish various tasks like searching for a particular value, or finding the smallest value in a list. Students also reason about linear vs. binary search.
Functions with Return Values
Students learn to write functions that calculate and return values, first through an unplugged activity by playing Go Fish, then by practicing in Code Studio, and finally by writing functions that return values in a simple turtle driver app.
Building an App: Canvas Painter
Canvas Painter is a culminating project brings together processing arrays, functions with return values, and handling keystroke events. The app allows a user to draw an image while recording in an array every single x,y location the mouse passes over on the canvas. By processing this array in different ways, the image can be redrawn in different styles, like random, spray paint, and sketching.

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Duration: 8 hrs
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Level: Intermediate

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