Letter from the CEO:

USA-Teach.online is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and creating an environment that enables students to gain knowledge in an accessible way. We believe that quality education allows a person to conquer new challenges, achieve goals, and lead a successful life.

The greatest strength of any institution is in its people. Here at USA Teach Online, our teachers’ commitment to providing high-quality, virtual education is our merit. Our expert staff continues to improve digital learning by ensuring that all students have a voice in a collective online environment—administered on Zoom, and by providing differentiated instruction, so that all students, whether advanced or in need of more support, receive the quality attention they require for success.

Our team of experts’ main goal is helping our students build a better future and make a positive difference in the world.

I am delighted to welcome all students to our world of education, and I give my best wishes to them as they unlock and realize their highest potential.

Cindy Hajjar

Phone: +1 (949) 208-0049

Mamoun Hajjar

Phone: +1 (949) 208-0049
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