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6 months
GMAT 700+Score Guaranteed* We guarantee a competitive GMAT score that will make you a stronger candidate. 47+ total hours of instruction by GMAT ex...
6 months
12 h
Modern businesses are an epitome of uncertainty and complexity. Over the period, this uncertainty and complexity in business has led to the develop...
6 Lectures
12 h
Youth Programs
$87 $57
Course Description: The course is divided into 4 modules, it is the most usuful for children – for after school and for school.The course inc...
23 Lectures
Information Technology
14 h
This course covers the phases from information systems planning through the specification of structured system requirements in functional form (i.e...
10 Lectures
14 h
Duration: 6 Hours   Lectures : 3   Level : Beginner   Basics of Microbiology: Theory and Practicals   Date: November 28th 29th ...
3 Lectures
6 hours
Cyber Security
32 hours
$300 $250
This course will cover various security concepts, attacks, and countermeasures with a series of hands-on experiments. The topics included in the co...
12 Lectures
32 hours
Information Technology
8 hours
Join our unique Train the Trainer Program Your Benefits? Become a Robomazing Programs certified Instructor. Become a nominated Coach for our y...
8 hours
6 hours
Welcome to the wonderful world of Microbiology.  Yay! So. What is Microbiology? If we break the word down it translates to ‘study of sma...
1 Lectures
6 hours
Arabic as Foreign Language
$99 $75
الوقت: الاربعاء الساعه 3 بتوقيت تورنتو كندا الاعمار:من 10 الى14 الهدف: مساعدة الطلاب على القراءه بسهولة-من خلال معرفه( الحروف-الحركات- الشده-المدود...
8 Lectures
Business Coaching
20 Hours
$399 $299
Introduction to International Commercial Arbitration (Level 1) Date:            October 11, 13, 15, 18  & 30  Duration:     2 hours  (per sessi...
20 Hours
English as Second Language (ESL): Level of study: intermediate/upper intermediate. Training times: Lesson #1 – Wednesday September 1st 6:00 P...
4 Lectures
6 Hours
Information Technology
Online - 2 Sessions
$100 $60
Develop and enhance your business by evaluating your work, your service, customers’ or employee’s satisfaction, or even collect suggest...
4 Lectures
Online - 2 Sessions


Dr. Ahmad Khatib

Accounting Professor

Dr. Ahmed Akl

Computer programming & networks

Alaa Eleraqi

Graphic Designer

Amir Ramadan

Engineering / Project Management Lecturer

Dr. Ammar Alhaj Ali

Machine Learning (AI) instructor

Amna Alian

Mathematics Lecturer

Asmaa Hassan

Arabic Instructor

ben paris

Bilal Bourhani

Coaching Lecturer

Bill McLaughlin

Training & Education Officer

Branka Ranisavljevic

High school teacher of maths and computer science

Professor Carlos F. Diaz

Distinguished Professor

Cristin Miller

English Lecturer/ ESL

Mouminat Damer

English Lecturer

Danielle Dymond

English Lecturer

Michael Diliberto

English Lecturer

Dr. Aurobi Das

Licensed Energy Professional

Dr. Azzam Shihabi

Mathematics Professor

Dr. Niveen Yaseen

Chemistry Professor at Lamar Institute of Technology

Riza Bacchus

Coaching Lecturer

Entesar Salem

Arabic and quraan Instructor


Head of Business Department

Gaurav Kalra

Certified GMAT/GRE/SAT Trainer

Hamda Khalid

Chemistry, Biology Lecturer

Hamdi Zindelhadid

English Lecturer

Imane Majdi

French Lecturer

ismail Adı

Turkish Language Lecturer

Jackson Kailath

Jason Maxwell

Educator (Teach The Teacher)

Jorge Ortiz

English Lecturer

Jeremy Smith

English Lecturer / Sports Education


Dr. Kimo Mahmoud

Physics Proffesor

Marwa Mekky

Matthew Worthington

Math, Physics, Chemistry Lecturer

May Mostafa

Arabic/Quran Teacher


Mohamad Saad

Graphic design instructor

Moustafa Kanawati

Mathematics Lecturer

Sami suoud

Information Technology Lecturer

Iman Hashem

Senior Arabic Language Lecturer

Nada Madi

Arabic Language Lecturer

Qurat ul ain

Rasheed Hourani

Senior IT Manager

Reda Elbadry

Arabic Language Lecturer

Ricardo Rodrigues

Ruba Abbasi

Information Technology Lecturer

Dr. Rubi Garcha

Coaching Lecturer/ ESL

Rusha Roy

Lecturer in Biology

sara soud

Arabic Instructor

Sarah Davis

English Lecturer

Stephanie Lanoue

Master Science Educator

Sumeyye Ergun

Turkish Langugage Lecturer

Tasneem Rahman

English Lecturer

Vanessa Call

English Lecturer

Widad Abedelwahab

Mathematics Lecturer

Yeasmin Mili

Textile Engineering Lecturer
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