ROB-208-C: Robotics Programming A-Z (age 11-14)

General Information

  1. Each class 60 minutes.
  2. Class days: On Saturday or sunday
  3. Course schedule and timing will be decided once the class is complete.
  4. Minimum 5 participants to run one class.
  5. Maximum 10 participants in each class.

Course Description

This is Level3 of the course “Robotics Programming A-Z”. Please check the course details here


  • Fair knowledge of English Speaking.
  • A windows PC. Consider that Apple PC, ipad, and Chromebook are not guaranteed to work with the course software.
  • Purchase the course related robotics kit. It is the Mbot v1.1. Be sure it is the Bluetooth version.



Understand the Servo Pack components
The student is introduced to the servo pack components
How to use the LED module
The LED module uses RGB LEDs to provide different colors. The student will learn how to configure and use it
Understand what is the Servo Motor and how it works
The student will understand what is a servo motor, how it differs from a regular DC motor, and how to use it.
Project: Random rainbow colors
The student will learn how to write a code to create random colors using the LED module
Project: The dancing cat
The student will learn how to use the servo motor to create a dancing cat robot
Project: The smart lamp
The student will use the Infrared sensors to control the LEDs. He will also learn how this can be used in real life applications
Project: The line counter
The robot will count the number of black lines that it passes over and changes its LED color accordingly. The student will learn how this can be used in a factory assembly line
Understand how an ATM machine works
The machine will detect if someone is standing in front of it and gives a welcoming tone. The user will use the remote control to enter his PIN number, and the machine should detect the presence of money and takes it inside the machine.
Project: Money depositing machine
Understand the difference between circular and linear motion
The student will learn how to change a circular motion to a linear motion
Project: The door latch
The student will learn how to control a door latch
Project: The light sensor controls the door latch
The student will learn how to control the door latch using the surrounding light

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