ROB-207-B: Robotics Programming A-Z (age 11-14)

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Duration: 8 hrs
Lectures: 9
Level: Intermediate

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    General Information

    1. Each class 60 minutes.
    2. Class days: On Saturday or Sunday.
    3. Course schedule and timing will be decided once the class is complete.
    4. Minimum 5 participants to run one class.
    5. Maximum 10 participants in each class.

    Course Description

    This is Level2 of the course “Robotics Programming A-Z”. Please check the course details here


    • Fair knowledge of English Speaking.
    • A windows PC. Consider that Apple PC, ipad, and Chromebook are not guaranteed to work with the course software.
    • Purchase the course related robotics kit. It is the Mbot v1.1. Be sure it is the Bluetooth version.


    Mechanical concepts
    Explain the relation between Velocity, Time, and Distance. Explain the difference between robot turning, and spinning around its axis.
    Project: The Drawing robot
    The student will use his robot to draw simple drawings and letters
    Project: Moving in a circular path
    The student will learn how to move his robot in a circular path, and what are the parameters that he needs to consider to achieve his target.
    Project: Obstacle Avoider
    The student will use the ultrasonic sensor to avoid any obstacles in front of his robot.
    Project: Obstacle Follower
    The student will use the ultrasonic sensor to make his robot follow an obstacle contour such as a wall.
    Project: Light chasing robot
    The robot will chase the light source.
    Project: Automatic Lane Changer
    The robot will use the infrared sensor to safely switch to another lane
    Project: Play music using ambient light
    The student will play different musical note and will make different sirens.
    Project: The Line Follower robot
    The student will write a code that allows the robot to follow a line using the infrared sensors

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    ROB-207-B: Robotics Programming A-Z (age 11-14)
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