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Set Your Calendar Hours (1 Min ,17 Seconds)


Edit Your Courses and Add Description & Materials (5 Min ,11 Seconds)


1-Lesson Naming/Add/Delete (6 Min ,29 Seconds)

 2-Add Zoom Links

 3-Setting previews

 4-Student view


Add New Course (1 Min ,10 Seconds)


Access and start your classes  (1 Min ,14 Seconds)


Book a one-on-one consultation hour 
(2 Min, 59 Seconds)


Old Training Sessions Downloads:

Please note that video for Sunday is structured for easy access:

Start to 15:09 (CEO Mr. Mamoun Hajjar: He talks about Contracts and copy write issues)

15:09 to 38:15 (CMO Mr. Sam Toglaw: He talks about Vision, Marketing and Pricing issues)

38:15 to End  (CTO Mr. Mohammad Suoud : He talks the portal, Zoom and how edit add courses)

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